Day 21 – Las Vegas

Today is our last full day at the Bellagio here in Las Vegas, our adventures conclude with our flight home tomorrow.

We decided against the pool as it’s so hot today, currently 96 degrees and supposed to reach 100 degrees by 4.00 p.m., so we slept late and then went for breakfast at Sadelle’s. As we were much later than usual it was very busy.

Susan and Mike, our two lovely servers were working today so I took their photos and said I would include them in today’s blog. Thank you for taking such good care of us and making us feel so welcome. We’ve known Susan for many years and besides having a wonderful memory, she always has a smile for everyone . We look forward to coming back soon.












One thing I find a little strange about the breakfast menu at Sadelle’s …….. they don’t serve cereals!! Some days you just want a bowl of cereal, preferably Frosted Flakes. Note to the powers that be …………. please include cereals on your next menu. Thank you. 😀

So, after breakfast we had some luck on one of the Monopoly machines, we couldn’t stop winning! Then we managed to find another couple of ‘momentos’ that we couldn’t possibly leave behind! 😱 Oh dear, I think we’ll have to sit on the suitcases to close them!

I need to start re-packing the cases ready for lift-off tomorrow. I hope Virgin Atlantic have factored in that the Barretts are flying so there will be rather a lot more poundage in the hold!! 😂 ✈️

As I mentioned yesterday, we are off to the Petrossian Lounge (I keep calling it a ‘bar’ but they call it a ‘lounge!) this afternoon for cocktails and of course, the cheese plate. Even though I will have had three by the time we leave tomorrow, I know I shall be dreaming of  it again once we return home. 💭🧀🍽

I certainly hope I will not have to wait another three years for one!! 😱

We decided it would be a good idea, now the cheese plates are a lot smaller, to have one each plus extra bread and that’s just what we did! As always it was delicious.

The cheese plate and Champagne




Si enjoying the cheese plate











Sand savouring her last cheese plate for a while!








Managed it!







I did record a video of our visit to the Petrossion Lounge but when I played it back it was so awful I decided it would be best to leave it out. When I saw it I laughed until I cried! 😂I looked and sounded like some old lady who had forgotten to put her false teeth in! Truly shocking, but good for a laugh! 😂

After I posted yesterday about the Spiky Lemon dessert I had at Spargo, I realised that I had forgotten to mention that when it was delivered I wondered how I would start to eat it but I need not have worried as a lovely waiter came over with a knife and said it should be cut in two. The spikes were made of crunchy marshmallow. My, it was fabulous!

Spiky Lemon dessert with 24ct gold!

This is what it was like inside:

Inside the lemon dessert










Thought this flower display deserved a mention!

Bellagio Flowers

We’ve just received a message from Virgin Atlantic to say we can book in for our flight tomorrow. When I did, an interesting message came up asking for volunteers to take an alternative flight and be rewarded with lots of miles! It would seem the flight is overbooked!

Some years ago we volunteered and in return were given free flights to anywhere in the world! Decided against it this time.

I’ve repacked the suitcases and managed to fit everything in. Si was really impressed! How could he even doubt me!? 🤷‍♀️

We leave here tomorrow at 3.00 p.m. for our flight at 7.35 p.m. As it’s a night flight we will get the chance to try out the ‘beds’ for the first time in Upper Class. Looking forward to that.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you again tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Day 21 – Las Vegas

  1. Those temperatures sound mind blowing! Not sure what today holds for us but Mary slept like a log. Which was good.
    Those desserts are mind blowing and terrific the staff remember you both – little touches like that make a holiday. Safe travels.

  2. Well done on the repack, intrigued to know what ‘extras’ you bought 🤣🛍. Nice to see familia faces when you return to the same place/hotel, shouldn’t be long before you can go back and visit although I thought Canada was next in your list. Safe travels, enjoy the luxury of a bed and hope you get a good nights sleep 🛏💤✈️

  3. Enjoy your last day there! Lovely flowers – will have to investigate what they all are! Very exotic! Glad you managed your packing ok! Look forward to seeing all your purchases! Have a great flight back tucked up in your beds xx

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