Day 10! Acadia National Park (2)

We watched the England Ladies football last night, how disappointing for all concerned. Still, today is another day and I’m pleased to report that the sun came out …… hooray! It’s been very hot.

After a lovely breakfast of fruit, eggs benedict and a nice chat with some new guests here at the B&B we set out for our second day of adventure in Acadia National Park.

Stone Throw Cottage

Stone Throw Cottage Garden

It was our intention today to visit the Parkman Mountain waterfall and this we did. We started out sure of foot but suddenly realised we were heading in the wrong direction! The map was very poorly printed! Turned around and went back and in the opposite direction only to find we were wrong again. Eventually we saw a trail and took that, it got us to where we wanted to go but alas, it was a very steep climb. The waterfall was lovely and well worth the walk.

No, it's this way!!!!

No, it’s this way!!!!


Parkman Mountain Waterfall

Parkman Mountain Waterfall













Parkman Mountain Waterfall

Parkman Mountain Waterfall

Us at the waterfall

Us at the waterfall

We were told about a rather lovely garden nearby that was worth a visit so we did that next.

The Asticou Azalea Garden was created by lifelong resident of the village, Charles K. Savage, in 1956, with the financial assistance of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. It features a selection of rhododendrons and azaleas, including the Rhododendron Canadense, Maine’s native azalea. Styled after a Japanese stroll garden, the fine-gravel paths are raked regularly in a manner that suggests flowing water. There is also a sand garden, where this effect is repeated but with the addition of stones, which are meant to represent islands.

Sadly, the rhododendrons and azaleas had all finished flowering but the garden was still a magnificent sight to see.

Asticou Gardens

Asticou Gardens

Savage was also the owner of the nearby Asticou Inn, so after visiting his gardens it seemed only polite to visit his Inn for some hard-earned lunch!

As you can imagine, lobster is one of the main foods in this part of the world so today we partook of lobster quiche with garden salad …………….. absolutely delicious, especially when accompanied by a glass of vino! Dessert also seemed the order of the day so Si decided to try the popovers!! He described it as a rather large profiterole and I agreed, the popover itself was rich tasting. I indulged in flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce.

Si's Popover!

Si’s Popover!

Needless to say, after that lot we were ready for a nap!

Sand's Pud!

Sand’s Pud!

However, before we did that, we stopped off on the way back to take another look at Cadillac Mountain to see how it looked in the sunshine after yesterday’s disappointment when it clouded over and rained. Today the sea was bluer and the islands greener.

Cadillac Mountain in the sunshine!

Cadillac Mountain in the sunshine!

We also called in at Seal Beach on the way back to the B&B to see if we would be lucky and see some but sadly it wasn’t to be.

I’m now being told we need to go for a walk after our lunchtime indulgence so I’d better hop to it ……………… catch you all tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day 10! Acadia National Park (2)

  1. I think like Mary and I you are just going to eat your way round the ‘states’. My diabetic nurse always said ‘holidays’ didn’t count: I just haven’t the heart to tell her we were away for almost six weeks! That pudding just looks wonderful and hey the scenery ain’t bad either!

    • Yes, I think you are both right. After lunch yesterday we still went out last night for a ‘little something’, Si had fish and chips!!!!! I have photos for the next post. I think Bar Harbour is somewhere we could live, it’s lovely here.

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