Day 14 – Cary, North Carolina to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Another beautiful sunny day in Cary. We were ‘up with the lark’ this morning as it was our last day here with Denise and Desiree. We decided against breakfast in favour of brunch later as we were meeting up with Desiree and then travelling to Jordan Lake Dam and Cove to meet up with Denise to see one of her favourite photography sites and possibly some wildlife.

It was a really beautiful place and we were very lucky to see eagles, black vultures, turkey vultures, herons and an egret.

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake Cove

three 1

Jordan Lake Dam

Three 2

Three ‘non-feathered’ birds!

Black Vulture 2

Black Vultures

Brunch followed at The Mayton Inn, food excellent once again and we then had to say a very sad farewell. 😔 Our time together was short but memorable and filled with joy and laughter.


Until we meet again dear friends …………………… even though “there’s nowhere to go!!”

We left Cary for our onward journey to Gettysburg which should have taken us 5 hours 30 minutes but sadly, some things never go to plan!! Our journey turned into something akin to a nightmare …….. it took us 7 hours 15 minutes! The traffic was nose to tail for about 120 miles. By the time we arrived at the hotel we really needed to lie down in a darkened room with a wet cloth on our foreheads. Instead, as it had been a few hours since brunch we made a quick visit to the Appalachian Brewing Company for fish and chips for me and a shrimp and scallop flatbread for my dearest. All was delicious!



Simon at the Appalachian Brewing Company – you don’t really think that’s his drink do you?

Some other photos we took along the way …………..

These two have special significance, one for Desiree and one for our favourite UK spinning instructor, Bex Charker. 😀

Tomorrow we make our way via the Gettysburg Civil War site to Newark, New Jersey for our flight home.

More from Gettysburg tomorrow.