Day 13 – Charleston to Savannah

Today was a driving day and it’s been pretty miserable! The area is under threat from Tropical Storm Colin and flash flood warnings are in place.

We decided this morning to pack our wet gear in the suitcases because we hadn’t used it and we didn’t think it would be needed now! Wrong!!

Just as we were leaving our hotel in Charleston it started to rain and then it rained and rained and rained. It was a horrible drive down to Savannah and it’s still raining now. Better weather is forecast for tomorrow so fingers crossed they’re right.

Rainstorm Blog

Rainstorm on the way from Charleston to Savannah!








On the way down we saw a sign for a Cracker Barrel so of course we had to stop and have lunch. The special of the day was roast chicken in a lemon sauce, it was fabulous. It came with a handmade stuffing and mashed potatoes. For dessert we had peach cobbler and ice-cream, again wonderful.  Alas, again I forgot to take a photo!!







Regular followers of the blog will remember that during our past couple of holidays we have played the ‘licence plate’ game.

The Licence Plate Game

The Licence Plate Game








This trip we decided to do something a little different and so every time we see a Cracker Barrel sign or restaurant we raise our arms up in the air and shout ‘Cracker Barrel’ …………. well it helps to pass the time when we are driving!!

We were quite close to an outlet mall so it seemed rude not to go and do a little shopping!! They had a Talbots too so I knew that I was meant to shop there. I managed to find a few things to purchase and the savings were incredible. We also purchased a backpack to carry all those little extras we’ve managed to purchase during our trip.

We arrived at our Savannah hotel, the Planter’s Inn. It’s a 18th Century boutique hotel in the historic district of Savannah. It’s very nice and the staff are all very friendly and helpful.

The Planter's Inn

The Planter’s Inn

Our room at the Planter's Inn

Our room at the Planter’s Inn













Between 5.30 and 7.30 p.m. they hold a wine and cheese event for the guests of the hotel and a lady entertains by playing the piano. It’s all terribly civilised and just our kind of ‘thing.’


The Piano copy









Sand at the cheese and wine 'gathering'

Sand at the cheese and wine ‘gathering’










Si and the cheese and wine 'gathering'

Si and the cheese and wine ‘gathering’










The weather forecast for tomorrow is better so we are crossing our fingers that it stops raining, at least for a while. We’ve been to Savannah a couple of times before but it would be nice to get out in the sunshine and revisit the history that is Savannah.

One of the things I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog was the fact that Charleston is ‘dry’ on a Sunday! Came as quite a shock to Si I can tell you!! No alcohol with his lunch!

Join us tomorrow for more from Savannah and to see if we’ve survived Tropical Storm Colin!!